Read before install

Minor errors about installing assets with escrow and tips!

Failed to verify protected resource qs-resourceName

This error means that files were corrupted during the download. Make sure to use a different FTP client, such as

You lack the required entitlement to use qs-resourceName

Please try restarting your server and verify your keymaster account.

I have not received my Discord roles yet

Please visit to obtain them. After logging in, refresh the page and navigate to the left-hand side where you'll find the "Discord Roles" section.

Prior to submitting a new support ticket, kindly follow these steps

Review our documentation at Ensure that the asset is up-to-date. Confirm that all SQL queries (if applicable to the resource) have been executed.
It may be necessary to install AnyDesk, which is a remote access software that enables a user to remotely access and control another computer. This can be useful in situations where a Quasar Support representative needs to troubleshoot technical issues on your computer by accessing it from a remote location. Please note that depending on the nature of the support you require, there may be a fee associated with the service.