Create Notifications

With Quasar Notify we can create new custom notifications using the config.js configuration that we will find within the asset.

Create a custom notification

Within config.js you can configure your new custom notification or even change the default sound of any of the notifications, here is a small example:

custom: { // add custom styles for you notify change custom to the name of the notify
             color: 'bg-red-800',
             iconColor: 'text-red-200',
             textClass: 'ml-3 text-sm font-normal', // use to customize the text of the alert, you can use your own clases or use tailwind css instead: example: text-[#HEXCOLOR]
             icon: 'fa-duotone fa-user-police', // font awesome icon: | EXAMPLE: <i class="fa-solid fa-cat"></i> put only the class: fa-solid fa-cat and u can customize using tailwind css example: fa-solid fa-icon h-40 w-40 
             soundPathOrURL: '' // can you use a own file on ../sound/file.mp3 and put this route here or upload the file on discord and copy paste the URL here, null to disable sound

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