Conquerable Territories

The territories are a zone configurable through ox_lib and we can use Config.ZoneDebug to view the zones, create or edit them.

Quasar Gangs & Territories includes a wide configuration of Territories that are completely configurable and conquerable by the Gangs on your server, which include many benefits apart from domination and map control.

How to eliminate the conquest alert for all Gangs?

You can enable or disable such a system using Config.Losing ZoneAlarm.

What benefits do I obtain when conquering a territory?

The benefits of conquering a territory are many, when you conquer a white (neutral) territory, you will be the owner of said territory, which will turn into the color of your dominant gang. If this previously conquered territory is again conquered by another Gang, the dominant Gang will be alerted to begin the war for said territory.

Territory dealer system

Within each territory, there will be a dealer in an unknown location (you as a buyer must add it) with a certain opening and closing time. This dealer will only respond to us if we are the dominant Gang of said territory and will give us two possibilities, transportation of drugs to different locations or a limited store.

The limited store that this dealer offers us will grow and unlock new content as we do missions with said dealer and gain reputation with him. If we do not do his missions, the store will never expand.

Selling drugs on the streets

Being the conquerors of said territory, we are unlocked the option of selling drugs on the streets of said area (territory, neighborhood), if we leave the ox_lib zone that has said territory then we will not be able to sell drugs.

By having this function enabled, the NPCs in the area will randomly come to buy us different drugs that we have in our inventory, some NPCs will try to bargain with us or perhaps steal from us (don't worry, you can get your drugs back if you stop them).

Basic territory configuration

Do not make up values or edit anything outside of what is recommended by the configuration.

This configuration is very simple even though it seems enormous, for the territories to appear we must configure them one by one giving them a consecutive numerical value, for example [1], [2], [3]...

  • In the area value, we will configure the squares on the map to form an area of our liking and shape.

  • The points are points made through ox_lib zones, which we must do manually using Config.ZoneDebug, remember that they must all have the same Z coord as a dependency on ox_lib.

  • The minScore value is the territory conquest time in seconds.

  • For the winner value, we can give it an owner using the gang name or use the neutral value to make it a white zone not yet conquered.

  • We will leave the occoupants value as neutral in case of a white zone, otherwise we can add the value of the gang that the territory will have by default.

  • We can add dealers using this value, entering the amount we want, all areas must include one and the example is config.lua.

Config.Territories = {
    [1] = {
        area = { -- These are the visual squares on your map
                coords = vec3(254.610992, -1972.153809, 21.562622),
                width = 170.0,
                height = 85.0,
                blipRotation = 6.0
                coords = vec3(177.441757, -2023.833008, 21.394165),
                width = 9.0,
                height = 20.0,
                blipRotation = 6.0
                coords = vec3(171.494507, -2028.382446, 17.838867),
                width = 5.0,
                height = 8.0,
                blipRotation = 6.0
                coords = vec3(188.004395, -2030.676880, 17.822021),
                width = 6.0,
                height = 6.0,
                blipRotation = 6.0
        points = { -- These are the corners of the zone, activate the Config.ZoneDebug to guide you!
            vec3(342.580231, -1937.947266, 17.8),
            vec3(317.063751, -1970.162598, 17.8),
            vec3(267.309906, -2029.015381, 17.8),
            vec3(242.320877, -2057.050537, 17.8),
            vec3(232.298904, -2059.727539, 17.8),
            vec3(215.749451, -2047.068115, 17.8),
            vec3(187.885712, -2035.265991, 17.8),
            vec3(169.147247, -2031.547241, 17.8),
            vec3(168.237366, -2020.114258, 17.8),
            vec3(173.090118, -2008.483521, 17.8),
            vec3(212.848358, -1960.470337, 17.8),
            vec3(274.852753, -1887.032959, 17.8),
            vec3(284.136261, -1885.199951, 17.8),
            vec3(340.298889, -1932.527466, 17.8),
        minScore = 10,      -- Timer for take zone 1800 = 30 minutes (in seconds)
        winner = 'neutral', -- if you use occupants, set gang here, if not use 'neutral'
        occupants = {
            ['neutral'] = {
                label = 'Neutral',
                score = 60,
        dealers = { -- This will be the dealer in the area
            ['zone-1'] = {
                name = 'Abel Pintos',
                coords = vector3(267.665955, -1979.446167, 21.461548),
                time = { -- Hours in which the dealer is active
                    min = 01,
                    max = 12,
                products = Config.Products
    -- More territories here...

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