Target System

All Quasar Store assets will use the same target system, therefore we will abbreviate its usage here to avoid errors.

The target in my script does not work

Remember that to the right of this configuration you can choose the target system available in each asset. Do not put a new one that exists in the configuration.

Can I edit or create my own target folder?

Of course, all these files are open source and you will always find them in your client/custom/target/*, edit them at your own risk or create new ones if you wish, remember that we cannot take responsibility if you have broken something there.

How do I enable my target?

To enable target, in any config.lua you can use Config.UseTarget, which will ask you to choose between 'ox_target', 'qb-target' or 'qb-radialmenu', this will vary depending on the asset, since some do not They will allow the use of qb-target or qb-radialmenu, but you can always use ox_target by default since it is the most stable target system to date.

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