Signal System

The telephone signal system will be managed through PolyZone or ox_lib depending on the version of Smartphone you use, dead zones will be configured within config.lua.

Quasar Smartphone has an advanced signal system, which will allow us to block certain applications when it comes to being in an area without a signal.

Can I remove this system?

You can remove this option with Config.Signal in config.lua

-- You can check signal in clien-side using: exports['qs-smartphone']:CheckSignal()
Config.Signal = true       -- If you want to enable this system, use true.
Config.visibleZone = false -- Leave this false whenever you are going to use the server, it is only for zone testing.

Export to check the signal

We can run the following export to check the signal on the client side.

-- Check the signal from the client-side

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