Remember that the /openlong command (L key) and the /movesmall command (U key) can only be used with the small dispatch menu open.

Here we will explain how to use the commands and their editions, since we can configure them all using config.lua, customize it by following this document.

Default configuration

Default (unchangeable) commands can be configured in the config.lua file.

Config.Commands = {
     ["OpenLargue"] = "toggleopendispatch", -- Prefer not to change this
     ["OpenSmall"] = "togglesmalldispatch", -- Prefer not to change this
     ["MoveSmall"] = "movesmalldispatch", -- Command to move the small dispatch
     ["DisableSpeedRadar"] = 'disablespeedradar', -- Command to disable speed radar
     ["OpenMdt"] = 'openmdt' -- Command to open the police MDT

In the commands.lua file located in the client/custom/misc/ folder, you will find a list of commands that you can edit according to your needs.


/police message

Sends a dispatch call to the police (similar to /enterno)

/ambulance message

Same thing but for medics.

/mechanic message

Same thing but for mechanics.

/panic message

Panic call sent by a police officer to all other police officers.

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