Farming System

Quasar Drugs begins its use as a complete farming system in which we can collect three different types of drugs in different configurable spots on the map using config/farm.lua. To begin with, we must collect before continuing with the process, sale or laundering of black money.

Plants do not appear in the selected area

Most likely you are limiting the farming of this drug to certain cops and there are no cops online at the time, if this is the case the props will not spawn.

Another possibility is that Config.CircleZones does not have the floors configured within the zone mentioned in the coords value.

Can I add different types of drugs apart from those that already exist?

No, it is not possible at the moment, but we plan to implement this improvement soon.

Can I add more or less plants for each area?

Of course, each coordinate is a prop, you can add more or remove some if there are too many, these are found in SpawnCoords value within Config.CircleZones.

Farming Settings

In the case of farming, we can configure a minimum amount of police so that these pickable props can spawn. Remember that you must position a zone where each spot will be and add each plant prop one by one using Config.CircleZones.

Here we will leave an example of the drug collection configuration.

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