Common Problems

Please note that most common errors can be caused by a bad installation or a poorly done update, always verify this using the default asset before communicating your problem to us, this will save time.

If you've made it this far, congratulations, you're one of the few customers reading through the documentation and taking an interest in fixing problems that come your way using our resources.

This section is intended for the common problems that some players usually have when using this asset, we ask you to check one by one to find your problem here and save long waits on community tickets. If your problem still persists, do not hesitate to contact us from the Discord community by opening a ticket.

List of common problems

Deploy each section according to your problem, so you will find the solution quickly, each problem has a general and basic solution in its description that will help you solve the case.

I can't open my stash

This is due to some problem with the client/custom/inventory/*.lua file or your inventory, since as you can see throughout this guide, the only thing in common is one or two stash events and this cannot break your inventory.

I can't open my wardrobe

This is due to some problem with the client/custom/wardrobe/*.lua file or your wardrobe system, since as you will see throughout this guide, the only thing in common is one opening event and this cannot break your wardrobe.

Contact the creator for more information.

Other menus open during decoration

You can block the other menus in the decorative system using the exports that will be shown below this document, right at the end of the Feature Guides documentation.

Can I change the name of the plants or add more?

No, you cannot rename or add more plants since the system is fragile and has a lot of internal code that you cannot see or edit.

There are no default houses, should I create all of them?

We do not have pre-fabricated houses, but if you dare to do it manually you can use the configuration called Config.Houses or even easier, create them yourself within the game.

Realestate F7 menu does not open?

If the menu does not run, most likely you are missing basic dependencies or do not have the corresponding job, remember that starting with version 3.0 we use ox_lib as a system-wide dependency.

I can't create more interiors even after seeing this document

If this is the case, you should contact the seller of the maps, since we do not have permits for such a thing. Ask it to create a file using the following document.

Unknown column 'columName' in 'field list'

This error is very simple to resolve, what happens here is that you are missing a SQL column, and in the message just above it it will tell you in which table said column is missing.

For example Unknown column 'inside' in 'field list', means that you are missing the inside column in users table (you will see that it says such a thing above in the same error)

The solution is simple, just install the sql completely as the documentation indicates.

Error Illegal mix of collations (...) and (...)

This is resolved by reinstalling the sql using the tables that you will see in the Installation section of this documentation. The problem is because you are using the SQL from an old version, which was modified and you did not make the modification at the time.

The simple modification to solve such a problem is the following, but we recommend that you use the full sql in case you have something else outdated.

ALTER TABLE `player_houses` CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET `utf8mb4` COLLATE `utf8mb4_unicode_ci`;
How do I change the default weight or slots of a home or furniture?

You can edit such details in the shell list of config.lua or in the furniture list in furniture.lua inside the shared folder.

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