Creation of homes

Quasar Housing is not just a house system, but a complete creation system that allows you to create both dynamic objects and houses in any area of the map.

Realestate F7 menu does not open?

If the menu does not run, most likely you are missing basic dependencies or do not have the corresponding job, remember that starting with version 3.0 we use ox_lib as a system-wide dependency.

There are no default houses, should I create all of them?

We do not have pre-fabricated houses, but if you dare to do it manually you can use the configuration called Config.Houses or even easier, create them yourself within the game.

Basic worker configuration

Remember to read the main documentation on Register Key Mapping to correctly configure the key within Config.OpenJobMenu in case you want to replace it.

The creation of housing can be carried out if we select the appropriate jobs in the basic configuration of the asset, which will be executed through a keymapping configured by default in the F7 key.

Config.CreatorJobs = { -- Choose the jobs suitable for creating houses

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