Give Contact

Unlike other phones on the FiveM market, Quasar Smartphone makes it easy for you to contact another player. In this document you will learn how to give contact in different ways.

Can I integrate this into my qb-radialmenu?

Of course yes, we can integrate it directly into qb-radialmenu just as there is one for qb-phone. This is the snippet for you to integrate this into your menu.

    id = 'givenum',
    title = 'Give Contact Details',
    icon = 'address-book',
    type = 'client',
    event = 'qs-smartphone:client:GiveContactDetails',
    shouldClose = true

Give contact via AirDrop

This system is very simple, by sliding down we can see the sliding menu where we will have a button to send the contact via airdrop.

This system will send the contact to the nearest player, who will receive a notification and the contact in their Contacts application.

Give contact by command

This step is identical to the previous one but we will simply do it with a very simple command called /givecontact, which will send the contact to the nearest player.

Integration event to give contact

We also have an event to send contact from external assets, widely used in menus and radial systems, the event is very simple.


This will also send the contact to the nearest player once it is executed.

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