Discord Roles

Discord roles are very useful, as they open up exclusive options such as the changelogs section, snippets, community help, constant moderation and even consecutive support thanks to our incredible Artificial Intelligence.

To verify your roles, make sure you are the buyer of the asset and not a re-purchase from a third party.

In our community you can use your customer role to access multiple unique activities that others will not be able to. Here we will leave a small guide with general questions and answers to solve any problem you may have during the role claim and asset verification.

I am a customer developer, I need roles

If you are a developer for another customer, you can open a ticket with the person who purchased said asset and you will be given the appropriate role so that you can provide your developer service.

The discord bot is not giving me my customer roles

It can be for several reasons, the main one is that the asset is not completely yours and has been a transfer between accounts, which does not include customer roles.

If you are a customer and cannot claim your roles, use the ticket system, where we will give you the support corresponding to your current case.

How do I get my roles?

Obtaining roles is very simple, in our community we have a channel called #claim, which allows us to claim roles using our Tebex bot.

We remember that if you are not the actual buyer of the asset, that is, if you bought it from a third party, then you will not be able to make this role claim, because the buying and selling of assets is not allowed in many stores or communities like Quasar. Store.

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