Billing System

This system is completely external to the other Billing systems, perhaps at some point if we receive many suggestions we will add support for external assets, but for now the internal use of billing is the best and most optimized option since we will not depend on third parties and we will be able to manage the system ourselves.

Here you will find a basic guide to using Billing within Smartphone PRO. Because we always had problems with third-party assets, we created an internal Billing system for the phone which we can use through commands and view in the exclusive Banking application of our new phone.

How do I make this work with other Billing assets?

At the moment it will only work internally, to avoid problems with third-party assets and give you a better immersive experience with Smartphone PRO.

How to send a Billing?

You can see the Billing received within your Banking application.

We can send Billings using the /sendbill id price reason command, this command will be enabled for the workers that you consider need this function within config.lua in Config.BillJobs.

-- Here you can select which workers can use the /sendbill command.
Config.BillJobs = {

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