Phone Booth System

Quasar Smartphone includes a free integrated phone booth system, this system will allow you to call workers on duty or a personalized number.

Can I disable this system?

Claro que si, puedes eliminar todos los coords y automaticamente no habra mas cabinas telefonicas

I can't call the workers, why?

This is because the workers are not in service as indicated in the previous document Job Contact System, review that part completely to understand the system.

Modification of Phone booths

The system in this version is extremely simple, place the cabin props and everything will be executed automatically, there is nothing complex about this system.

You can find more props by using the GTA V props from the following website.

Config.EnableBooth = true -- Do you want to enable the phone booths?

-- Configure here the props that will be phone booths.
Config.Booth = {
    [1158960338] = true, -- Hash of booths
    [1511539537] = true,
    [1281992692] = true,
    [-429560270] = true,
    [-1559354806] = true,
    [-78626473] = true,
    [295857659] = true,
    [-2103798695] = true,
    -- You can add more!

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