Card With Metadata

This system is exclusive only for certain inventories, which we will list below. If you have one of them then we can continue with this document and its uses.

How to activate this function?

Config.Metadata = true 

Well in your config.lua look for the Config.Metadata section, use a true or false. If you keep this system active only if you use a compatible inventory, you can make use of all its functions within the resource, you can make use of the ATMs and be careful, if your card is stolen and they know your password, they can steal money, keep a secure password for this system.

Config.Metadata = false

But if you keep it disabled, you will not be able to use credit cards or ATMs, since you lack a card because it can only be used through metadata, and the function you will have is only your personal bank accounts.

If you have the metadata system active

You will be able to configure the price of the card and an optional configuration was added, where if you want to create a card creation site outside the banks, you can add the sports you want, we put an example code of this configuration.

Config.CreateCardEverywhere = false -- Can you create cards in all banks or only in the configured spots?
Config.CreateCard = {               -- Spots to create cards (optional)
        coords = vec3(143.26641845703, -1042.5906982422, 29.367889404297)
    -- Add more spots
    -- {
    --     coords = vec3(143.26641845703, -1042.5906982422, 29.367889404297)
    -- }

This spot is not necessary, it is optional, as you can use the bank to generate cards, this is only if you want to add more sites to create a card.

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