Wet Phone System

This feature is exclusive to Smartphones and will not be available on the PRO Smartphone, since it is so PRO that it resists water and we do not need such a feature.

When phones fall into water, they will get wet and break, changing your phone item for a wet_phone. This can be repaired using phone_module item. This system is somewhat heavy on the client side, but it will not affect performance.

Can I disable this system?

Of course, we can completely edit this system with Config.WetPhone.

How do I fix a wet phone?

We can fix the wet phone using the phone_module item or taking it to the technician that you will see on your map.

Will this feature reach the PRO Smartphone?

It is not available at the moment, but it could arrive as a future DLC if suggestions demand it.

Basic Wet Phone System configuration

The system is very simple and has a very basic configuration, here we will attach the configuration.

Config.WetPhone = false -- Being in the water, the phone will break and will give you the same item but with the prefix "wet_".
Config.RepairWetPhone = 'phone_module' -- With said item, we can repair the wet phone.
Config.RepairWetPhoneNpc = true -- Be able to repair your phone with the NPC Telephone Technician.
Config.RepairWetPhoneNpcPrice = 100 -- Price to repair a wet phone in the Technician.
Config.RepairWetPhoneNpcAccount = 'bank' -- Choose here the account to pay the technician for repairing the wet phone.

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