Phone Backups

If you will not use Unique Phones, then this system will not work for you.

Remember that we have an automatic backup system using Config.Autobackup, this will run every time you close the phone.

As mentioned in the previous document, this PRO Smartphone system brings you an iCloud-style cloud backup system, which will be used to recover data from a lost phone.

Will this apply the changes from my old backup completely?

Yes, this system will restore your entire phone, with all its metadata, customizations and even all the apps you had.

In what situation will this feature be useful to me?

If your phone is lost or stolen, you can get a new one. If you are the owner of said phone, you can see your old backups in the same Settings application, this is linked by identifier.

If I lose my phone, where will this backup go?

This backup can only be used by you, it will not be shared through metadata, therefore if you get a new phone, only you will be able to backup your old phones.

If your phone is stolen, they will not be able to make backups, since only the original owner of the phone will be able to.

Is there an automatic backup system?

If, with Config.Autobackup we can achieve such a thing, please read the document carefully to understand the system.

How do I create a backup of my phone?

To create a backup it is as simple as going to the Settings application and there we can access our profile in the first panel. Within it we will have the option to create a backup of this telephone number, remember to update this backup by deleting it and creating a new one at will so as not to lose all the information at that moment.

How do I delete a backup?

This step is very simple, right-clicking on the previously created backup will give us the option to delete said backup, so we can delete it permanently or create a new one after having deleted the old one.

This will not affect your phone, it will simply delete the current backup.

Automatic backup system

This asset incorporates a Conifg.Autobackup in config.lua that will make an automatic backup every time the phone is closed. This system allows us to automatically save the player's data on the phone to be able to recover the account at any time using the Settings app. in the part of your player profile.

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