Wardrobe System

If your Wardrobe system is not listed, contact the creator of your system, they will help you make compatibility by following the steps in this documentation.

Housing has a Wadrobe system that can be positioned in all homes through the menu or configurable with specific furniture, follow the documentation to understand how to fully execute said system.

I can't open my wardrobe

This is due to some problem with the client/custom/wardrobe/*.lua file or your wardrobe system, since as you will see throughout this guide, the only thing in common is one opening event and this cannot break your wardrobe.

Contact the creator for more information.

Default compatible Wardrobes

If your system is not listed there, contact the creator of your wardrobe system or show them how to configure it using this document.

Housing includes compatibility with multiple clothing wardrobe systems, select one of them, get it or download it. Don't forget you can add yours at the end of this document.

Basic Wardrobe Configuration

Since version 3.0, furniture now also has unique and editable wardrobes.

You can choose which furniture comes with wardrobes from furniture.lua inside the shared folder.

How to add another Wardrobe system?

You can modify client/custom/wardrobe/*.lua to adapt it to another new system. For this we will create a new file called wardrobeName.lua, on line 1 we will add the name of the wardrobe that will be used as an option inside Config.Wardrobe and then we will configure the wardrobe inside the folder as we want, you can use the following example as a guide.

Once the appropriate modifications have been made, we can use it as an option in config.lua.

if Config.Wardrobe ~= 'rcore_clothes' then

function openWardrobe()

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