Money Item System

Remember that the use of this system is automatic and mandatory in esx, but the use of qbcore can be completely optional by following all the corresponding steps.

Don't give money as an item using the /giveitem command. Use the respective money commands like /giveaccountmoney or /givemoney. If you use money by giving it as an item, random errors may occur.

Quasar Inventory integrates an advanced money as item system in which you can use money in item format, the system varies depending on qbcore and esx, but here we will focus on the information for qbcore.

Can I remove this system?

If you are an esx user, the money system as an item is mandatory, but in case of qbcore it is completely optional by editing the server/custom/framework/qb.lua.

How to use in qbcore

This optional system for qbcore can be enabled by running it from server/custom/framework/qb.lua. To do this we will use the configuration that we will see below:

UseCashAsItem = false -- Choose whether to use money as an item
CashItem = 'cash' -- Choose the money item, it only works if I enable the configurable above

In this configuration we will place whether or not we want to use this system and below the name of the item that will be the money, in this case it is cash. This item must be added in your qb-core/shared/items.lua.

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