Creation of villas & islands

With the new version 3.0, we bring to the Housing creator the possibility of creating chalet-style villas and even private islands, please read this documentation completely to understand its use.

What do I do with the villas or islands?

These are just dynamic objects, which we can edit at will and with a lot of imagination. For example, we can create an island, with a villa on top and create an ipl on it later.

Knowledge is limited and imagination surrounds the world.

Configure, edit or add more objects

No, islands and villages have no functions, they are just an object on the map. You yourself must create the home above them.

This step is extremely simple, since both islands and villas are props configured in config.lua in list format. You can edit them as much as you want, delete or add new ones.

The configurations to edit are Config.HouseObjects and Config.Islands, be careful not to delete these if they are already created within the game.

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