DLC & Addons

This asset contains a series of useful addons that can be acquired for free when purchasing Quasar Smartphone.

Quasar Smartphone PRO already includes these DLC & Addons within the same script.

Some assets include a series of DLC & Addons that improve the dynamics of the game. In this case, this asset contains some and we will teach you how to execute them or give a general explanation of its usability, database or dependency items.

How do I get the DLC & Addons?

Don't worry, here you will learn how to obtain the DLC & Addons of this asset. To do this we must go to the post of the specific asset on our website and access the post of the asset publication, there we will find a DLC & Addons section with redirect links to it.

Remember that you must be logged in with the account that purchased the asset, not another.

I am not the original buyer of the asset

Then there is no point, you will have to request a transfer of the DLC & Addons to the buyer. Do not open a ticket for this because you will be penalized for skipping TOS.

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