Create Custom Apps

Remember that this step requires general programming knowledge, even though the Smartphone PRO itself provides you with many general snippets and a custom application already made in the default package.

If you are a developer and want to create custom applications for your assets, you are free to sell them under the Quasar Smartphone PRO seal or you can even publish them for free on different websites with the intention of providing support to the community and the original creator of said patent.

Please do not open a ticket in our community to ask for support on this system, as it is completely open source and the only dependency you need is programming knowledge, which we cannot provide.

Quasar Smartphone PRO provides you with a completely unique custom application creation system, easy to achieve and instantly exportable. Our new custom application system allows you to insert the application into the App Store in an automated way, that is, if you start your personalized application on your server, it will run automatically within the phone.

For you to meet this objective, we provide you with a custom application called custom-app-temple in the package, which includes menu snippets, app opening, exclusive phone inputs and more functions that will make your application creation extremely simple.

Custom application and tempering

In this section we provide you with a completely open source personalized application as a template for general functions and usability.

In this temple you will find all the events necessary to execute native functions of the phone, with a little programming knowledge you can achieve something incredible.

This application already works within the Smartphone PRO and only needs to be started next to the asset, it will automatically appear in your App Store and will give you examples of use.

Within the apps.js and client.lua files you will find everything you need to learn the general functions of the asset, read and understand it completely before continuing.

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