Music & Streamer Mode

You can disable music at any time using commands or directly disabling Config.Sounds.

You have default music inside the garage, which gives a huge level of immersion, but many players will want to remove this feature. Therefore here we will explain about streamer mode and music settings.

Using the command for streamers

The command for streamer mode is togglesound, when used once, it will remove the sound completely and when used again it will return the sound, this command is only for the player who uses it and does not affect the other players since it is local and personal.

Music integration

Use song names correctly, as there can be no spaces.

By default we will find the following songs, you can add more or remove any of them, but it is important that you do not put spaces, in my case replace the spaces with trailing bars, do not put .mp3 either, just the name of the file that must be located in html/sounds/*.mp3.

Config.Sounds = true -- Enable or disable the music and its Pause button
Config.SoundVolume = 0.04 -- Sound volume (we recommend 0.01-0.05 for ambient)
Config.SoundFiles = {

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