Interiors & Slots

Advanced Garages includes an ipl-based interior system, which will use bob74_ipl and its latest gamebuild that we previously configured in the Installation guide.

Can I eliminate the slot system?

No, it is not possible, since the logic of this asset matches its slot system.

When I enter a garage I fall off the map

This problem may be due to the fact that you are missing the gamebuild, for that we will add the following convar sv_enforceGameBuild 2802 to our server.cfg.

If the problem still persists, keep in mind that there are external assets that delete internal ones, for example rcore_casino, try communicating them to resolve this case.

Interior system and configuration

Luckily, our garage already integrates all the ipl usable as a GTA V garage.

We can modify the interiors, their slots and positioning of the vehicles by accessing config/interiors.lua to edit everything as you want.

Indoor slot system

Please read everything below carefully to avoid asking these things through tickets.

The garages have slots, which are limited. If a garage with a limit of 40 vehicles is already full, you will not be allowed to park in it until a vehicle leaves said garage.

You can circumvent this system by disabling Config.GarageSync, the slots will become completely unique per person, in the previous example, it would be 40 vehicles only for your character and not for the entire server.

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