Garbage System

Note that the items you add within this configuration must be within your qs-inventory/shared/items.lua in case of esx. If you use qbcore it will be the same case but in qb-core/shared/items.lua, otherwise you will receive critical errors.

Quasar Inventory includes a very simple garbage collection system, which we can modify in config/garbage.lua. This system allows us to collect garbage from any garbage can in the city or even deposit items inside it.

How do I edit the trash items?

You can edit or add more garbage can props in config/garbage.lua, using game props that you can obtain through GTA V PROPS or your trusted website.

You can use Config.GarbageObjects to add different props and in Config.GarbageItemsForProp you can add the items to the prop you just created or edit the other garbage cans.

Can I disable the garbage system?

This system is very secondary and simple, you can simply disable it by leaving Config.GarbageItemsForProp as {} and there will be no more items in the garbage cans.

There is no setting that will completely remove such a system, but you can prevent its use in the following way.

System utility or usage ideas

This system was created with the idea of using it as a dependency for the Crafting systems that you will find in the Features Guide of this documentation, but you can make it work with any other item dependency system, since it is fun and random and will suit most players. You might find it fun and interesting.

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