Weapons On Back

Remember that the DLC & Addons are obtained in the post of the same asset, there are the direct links, you must also be the buyer, otherwise you will not be able to obtain them.

Welcome to the documentation on DLC & Addons, in this section we will make a general explanation about Weapons On Back, its installation or basic guide.


Quasar Weapons on back is an exclusive DLC for Quasar Inventory, it's a free asset that will put weapons on your back if they're in your inventory, it's fully metadata driven and will show your weapon attachments to the entire server.

If you use url_weapontint it will only be seen by you, but you will be able to see it on your back!

Asset positioning

This DLC depends on exports with Quasar Inventory, therefore it will always be started under qs-inventory or always in the same folder. In this example we will start the dlcs within the [addons] folder and we will execute them under the main inventory folder.

-- First we will start the cores, never below
ensure es_extended or qb-core

-- The inventory should be executed above
ensure [inventory]

-- DLC & Addons always below inventory
ensure [addons]

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