Phone Balance

Quasar Smartphone PRO brings a very interesting and dynamic phone balance system to make calls to other players, which by default will be disabled, you can use it to increase the level of realism.

Will this system only work when making calls?

Yes, this system will only work for making calls.

What is the difference between the two telephone balance packages?

You have two options for phone balance, the first is the daily balance that will give you unlimited calls throughout the day.

The other option is temporary balance, which will be a temporary balance that can be spent during each call, this will not last all day unlike the previous package named.

How do I know my phone balance number?

Below we explain the basic commands for this system, you can use the /recipe command to see your balance and package.

I can't find a way to make this system work.

Most likely you have not enabled the Config.EnableRecipe setting in your config.lua

Basic telephone balance configuration

This system only brings daily balance and temporary balance.

This system is very simple, it will allow you to make calls only when your balance is positive, otherwise you will not be able to make any calls.

We can enable this system and configure it in config.lua following the following default guide that we will leave below. The daily balance is throughout the day unlike the moment balance which will be temporary until the player spends it.

By default this system will be disabled, enable it with Config.Enable Recipe.

Config.EnableRecipe = false
Config.BuyRecipe = {
    coords = {
        vec3(324.93, -229.56, 54.22)
    prices = {
        daily = 100000, -- Daily pay 100000$
        moment = 1000,  -- 1 recipe 1000$
    blip = {
        sprite = 52,
        color = 2,
        scale = 0.8,
        name = 'Recipe Shop',

How do I know what plans and balance I have?

In this case we will simply use the /recipe command, and we will see our plan and telephone balance with a brief notification.

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