Webhook System

Most Quasar Store assets require the use of Discord webhooks to receive useful information, please review this entire guide to learn how to run webhooks.

Due to the new terms of Discord, many servers will no longer be able to use the webhooks that were usually used, so we recommend using fivemanage.com, within the following sliding box, you will find a guide on how to create the token and use it. of the.

What are webhooks and what are they for?

Webhooks are an effective data management and transfer mechanism, designed specifically for direct integration with Discord in the context of Quasar Store assets. This system is used to send a variety of data, which may include logs, images, videos, and other relevant items depending on the specific asset you are using.

In the realm of Discord webhooks, this functionality provides a direct path for communication between different applications or services, allowing immediate delivery of crucial information to the relevant channels in Discord. This process can range from detailed logs to multimedia files, adapting to the particular needs associated with each Quasar Store asset.

In short, Discord webhooks in the context of the Quasar Store act as a vital link for the efficient transmission of key data, facilitating the synchronization and presentation of relevant information directly to the corresponding Discord channels.

Option via fivemanage.com (better option)

Thanks to the new collaboration with fivemanage.com, we can now use this private service to upload images, videos or audios. With this system we can do these actions incredibly quickly.

In order to upload the files through fivemanage.com, we will have to register on the website and generate a token, which we will place in the Config.Webhook of our Smartphone or Smartphone PRO.

We have an exclusive video on how to generate a token and integrate it by clicking here.

Once we understood how they work and what webhooks are, we will leave a small guide on how to create your own webhooks for integrations into Quasar Store assets.

All webhooks in the Quasar Store assets will be added within config.lua or in server/custom/* to receive logs, images, videos or more useful information.

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