General information before installation

Quasar Backroom is a terrifyingly fun asset. In this asset you will find yourself on the limit between this world and a totally unknown amount, the backrooms.

The Backrooms is a creepypasta that describes an endless maze of randomly generated offices and other environments. Since its original creation, The Backrooms has expanded into various other forms of Internet culture and media, including video games and YouTube videos.

This asset will depend on luck, since there is a small configurable chance to make the player go to the backrooms after his death, giving an incredible scare and a unique logic to your city.

If the player manages to escape from the backrooms, he will return to the point where he originally died, in the same way if he dies in the hands of any of the monsters that were in the backrooms.

Remember that most common errors and problems can be found in the Common Problems section located in the same Inventory section.

Most errors can occur due to a bad update (poor patch) or an error generated by the same buyer through code editing, always try to use the default resource if you get errors not found within this section.

Common questions about the asset

Is this system automatic or manual?

There are two ways to use it, you can review it in the Features Guide section.

If I send someone to Backrooms, will it ruin the Roleplay experience?

It depends how you want to look at it. The idea of this system is to automatically send to Backrooms the person with a 10% probability or less, you can manipulate this number yourself in the settings.

But the idea of the asset is simply something fun and to scare people, today this is an asset that many streamers on the platform have loved on their servers.

When escaping from the Backrooms, does the person revive?

No, the player will always return to the last place where they died.

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