Deformation & Repair

Quasar Advanced Garages incorporates an advanced Vehicle Deformation system created with our exclusive VehicleDeformation unit, which will save all the hits your car receives and consequently apply it to the vehicle constantly until it is repaired, this system is external to esx or esx repairs. Conventional qbcore therefore requires reading the documentation below in order to repair the vehicles.

For the export of repair and its general events we require a minimum of basic programming knowledge, keep this in mind.

My vehicle cannot be repaired with conventional repair items

This is because your repair item requires you to add the exports included in the garage, repair it using the exports below or take advantage of our advanced built-in repairkit item.

I don't want vehicle deformation, can I remove it?

Of course yes, you can remove this dependency and there will be no deformations in the vehicles, but keep in mind that you must remove the dependency from your fxmanifest.lua.

Vehicle repair through exports

To completely repair the vehicle, you have to add the following export within your command or repair system client-side, use the one that best suits your needs:

-- vehicle: Specific vehicle
-- No values, repair near vehicle

Repair by command

Our garage system includes a command to repair the vehicle administratively, you can get into the vehicle and execute the command to solve the broken car, you can manage the administrative command ranges in your server/custom/framework/* in the function called PlayerIsAdmin.

CommandCommand explanation


Repair the nearby vehicle or the one you are currently sitting on.

Using the integrated Repairkit item

This item is simple but effective, it has a good animation and you can use it as a repair item since it contains the native events. Please make sure you do not have this item duplicated with another RegisterUsableItem or CreateUsableItem.

Within the asset garage you will have an already programmed item called repairkit, which by default is disabled, but you can enable it using the config.lua Config.RepairKit.

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