Common Problems

Please note that most common errors can be caused by a bad installation or a poorly done update, always verify this using the default asset before communicating your problem to us, this will save time.

If you've made it this far, congratulations, you're one of the few customers reading through the documentation and taking an interest in fixing problems that come your way using our resources.

This section is intended for the common problems that some players usually have when using this asset, we ask you to check one by one to find your problem here and save long waits on community tickets. If your problem still persists, do not hesitate to contact us from the Discord community by opening a ticket.

List of common problems

Deploy each section according to your problem, so you will find the solution quickly, each problem has a general and basic solution in its description that will help you solve the case.

When I buy a vehicle he doesn't give me the keys

This is because you did not add or did not correctly add the exports to give the keys in your vehicleshop, remember not to use the automatic system as it requires a lot of programming knowledge.

I cannot integrate the system of adding or removing keys

You can use the code helper in Exports & Commands or ask your developer to help you with this work.

How do I configure custom sounds?

To configure custom sounds we can use the following asset

Once we have interact-sound, place the custom sound in the interact-sound folder as follows, Directory: interact-sound/client/html/sounds/carkeys.ogg.

Add the sound file name to the fxmanifest.lua file of the interact-sound resource. Example in fxmanifest.lua (you could have more sounds listed here):

-- Files needed for NUI
files {

To configure said system once we have done the previous steps, we must execute the following configuration with its appropriate values.

Config.Sounds = true -- Enable custom sounds through InteractSound
Config.SoundsDisableDefault = false -- Disable FiveM default sounds
Config.SoundsVolume = 0.3 -- Volume for custom sounds
Config.SoundsFileName = 'carkeys' -- Name of the custom sound file
Config.SoundsDistance = 2 -- Distance at which the sound can be heard

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