Restart App Cache

If you update your asset or if you have any problems with apps or app downloads, feel free to use this command and then restart the asset or server

This will not affect the accounts already created in applications, it will simply return the default applications to clear the cache

When we update the asset data or even if we have a problem because we change information such as images or we have problems with broken apps/images. We will simply follow the following steps.

When should I use this command?

Simple, when you make new translations to certain apps, or change application images, they are all saved in a cache for each player. Do this step to reset them and show your changes.

Reset the phone cache

For this simple step we will only execute the /deleteallapps command in our console and with this we will have restored all the caches, this will not delete accounts, it will only leave the phones by default and with their caches clean. Don't forget to restart the asset once this command has been performed.

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