Server Exports

Here you will find all the useful exports for this asset, please read each step and example carefully to better understand how it works, we do not recommend using these if you are not an experienced developer.

Create Invoice

Create invoices from the customer's side.

-- receiverid = the player receiving the invoice
-- ammount = amount of the invoice to be paid
-- isSociety = always use true, you may get failures if you set it to false
-- isAlreadyPayed = if false, the invoice must be paid, if true, the invoice is already paid, but remains as payment history.
-- giveitem = true if you want to give the invoice item, false if you don't.
-- questToGiveitem = True asks the player if he wants to receive it, false only delivers the invoice or not and does not ask the player
-- customSocietyName = you can set a custom name to the company, or set it to nil
exports['qs-billing']:ServerCreateInvoice(source, title, description, ammount, isSociety, isAlreadyPayed, giveitem, questToGiveitem, customSocietyName or nil)

An example of using this system would be the following.

RegisterCommand('testInvoice', function(source, args, rawCommand)
    exports['qs-billing']:ServerCreateInvoice(source, 'title', 'description', 5000, true, false, true, true, nil)
end, false)

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