Basic use of the asset

This last section will explain its basic operation, but if you want to configure it in a better way, continue reading in the Exports and commands section, where we explain how to add it to your scripts and configure it correctly.

FunctionDescription and guide

Open Small Dispatch

To open the small dispatch you must press the K key (default can be changed in Config.Keys in config.lua)

Open Large Dispatch

In order to open this menu, you must have the previous one open and press the L key (default can be changed in Config.Keys in config.lua)

Accept calls

Calls can be accepted in different ways, one of these is by pressing G having the call selected in the small dispatch, another is to go to the big dispatch and right click on a call from the list on the left, and the last form is on the map where you can click on the marker of a call opening a menu that allows you to see the data of this and accept it.


To establish your callsign you must be in the large menu and open the menu on the right, once open click on Config and establish the callsign of your preference here you can also edit the time in which calls are automatically eliminated and be able to turn on / off speed radar when inside a vehicle.

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