Job Contact System

The job contact system is much simpler in Smartphone PRO, it contains many differences compared to its previous version.

On the PRO Smartphone we will no longer use commands like in the previous version. Now each job will have a phone number and a new option in its Settings application to be in service.

Will worker commands no longer work?

No, the commands are no longer required in this PRO version.

I can't contact the workers

This is because the worker was not put into service using the Duty setting in Settings app.

Enter and exit service (duty)

Please read this document before raising a ticket or making a complaint.

By default, workers cannot be contacted from any application, whether State, Contacts, Message or others. In order to be communicated, you must go to the Settings application and there look for the Duty section, in order to put yourself in service.

Worker configuration

Workers will have an exclusive telephone number to be contacted. By calling that number you will be put in contact with a random worker from that job.

Don't forget that to enter duty, the worker must go to their Settings app and in the Duty section they must enable the button to be on duty.

-- Workers through the contacts, phone and messages app!
-- These can be put into service using the settings app in the Duty option.
Config.Jobs = {

Config.jobNumbers = {
    ['police'] = '911', -- Just enter a number here, this is the number that will appear when you call
    ['ambulance'] = '912',
    ['mechanic'] = '913',

Config.JobLabels = {
    ['police'] = 'Police',
    ['ambulance'] = 'Ambulance',
    ['mechanic'] = 'Mechanic',
    ['taxi'] = 'Taxi'

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