Obtaining DLC

Remember that not all assets have DLC included, some will come with some DLC and others simply do not include external assets that serve as addons.

Quasar Store includes some assets with multiple addons which we call DLC, these will expand your main asset to another level, such as the use of Inventory with its multiple addons. In this document we will teach you how to gain access to such activities and improvements.

I am not the original buyer, what should I do?

In this case you will not be able to obtain the DLC, you will have to communicate with the real buyer of the product and have him obtain the DLC for you and send them to you via Keymaster.

I bought a full base and I don't have access to the DLC

This is a strange case but it can happen. In this case, open a ticket in our community and we will give you access to DLC.

Where can I download the DLC?

If you are not the original customer of the product, you will not be able to claim any DLC or addon.

The DLC or addons can be obtained directly from the post where you purchased the asset, there you will find a direct link to the list of DLC, but in order to download them you will have to have logged in with the account with which you purchased the main asset on our website.

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