Drug Sales System

This asset is not simply a system of conquerable zones with gangs included, this system includes two types of drug sales, either with missions and reputations, or street sales within the conquered zone, here we will explain how to access each system and make use of it. of the same.

Can we configure the sales values of this system?

Of course, we can edit these values in Config.DrugsPrice.

Why does the dealer only have one item for sale?

This is because you still do not have enough reputation with such a dealer, you must do his missions to add reputation and obtain more items in his store.

Territory dealer system

In each territory we have a dealer or more than one, depending on your taste, where we can request a delivery mission for drug packages. This will give us a mission and reputation if completed on time and satisfactorily.

By achieving a certain reputation we will obtain a new list of items purchasable at the same dealer, each reputation will be individual per dealer, which means that each dealer will be a new story to live.

This dealer can be configured within Config.Territories, in each territory individually using the following fragment.

dealers = { -- This will be the dealer in the area
    ['zone-1'] = {
            name = 'Abel Pintos',
            coords = vector3(267.665955, -1979.446167, 21.461548),
            time = { -- Hours in which the dealer is active
            min = 01,
            max = 12,
        products = Config.Products

You can create dealers within the game using certain commands.

We can also create dealers within the game using the /createdealer command, this works as follows /createdealer name open close. Here we must give it a label name that will be the visual name of the dealer, a time of appearance and another time for when the dealer is not active, this way we can make this dealer temporary.

Selling drugs on the streets

You will only be able to sell drugs in your territory, not outside of it.

In case your Gang is the dominant one in a certain territory, we are free to sell drugs to the NPCs in that area, we will be like the neighborhood dealer, but we will not be able to use such a system outside the area. NPCs may tip us, haggle with us, or even rob us, but don't fear, you can get your drugs back if you catch up to the thief and defeat him.

We can use the settings to manipulate the base price of the drug, we can use this system using /selldrugs or using our Gang menu.

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