Factions & Sales

Before opening a ticket asking certain things about this system, read the comments in config/seller.lua completely.

Quasar Drugs is a complete system of laboratories, farming and of course sales and configurable factions, for this we can use config/seller.lua where we will find many sales configurations, npc configuration and much more.

Can I make this system exclusive for factions?

Yes, we can make this system exclusive to factions using the config below.

Config.SellOnlyJob = false -- If you enable this, only the Jobs mentioned below will be able to access the seller
Config.SellJobs = { -- Jobs allowed for sale
    ['ballas'] = true,
    -- ['job'] = true,
The wholesale vehicle does not give me the keys

This is a very common problem, we must configure the vehiclekeys in conifg/seller.lua in Config.Vehiclekeys, if the vehiclekeys is not listed, we must create our file within client/custom/vehiclekeys/*.lua as in the other examples.

If I use qbcore can I use conventional black_money?

We can do the renaming of item or markedbills system using Config.Markedbills, you can edit this using server/custom/framework/*.lua.

Configuration of salable drugs

By default everything is already working synchronized with the other Features of this document, but you can go to Config.Drugs and edit the values to your liking.

Config.Drugs = {
    Weed = {
        ItemName = 'weed_packaged',
        ItemWholesalePrice = 35, -- Wholesaler's price
        ItemSinglyPrice = 80, -- Retail
    Meth = {
        ItemName = 'meth_packaged',
        ItemWholesalePrice = 45, -- Wholesaler's price
        ItemSinglyPrice = 90, -- Retail
    Coke = {
        ItemName = 'cocaine_packaged',
        ItemWholesalePrice = 85, -- Wholesaler's price
        ItemSinglyPrice = 170, -- Retail

Drug retail

Retail sales allow us to sell retail drugs to different npcs on the map, this system is a mission in which we will be given locations with an npc, who can give us money, a tip or even rob us.

We can access its configuration within config/seller.lua and within the game we can see this menu in the dealer's npc that we will find on the map, selecting retail.

Wholesale drug sales

This system, like the previous one, is accessed in the same configurable file and within the game we can select the wholesale option. This system will allow us to rent a vehicle that will spawn right behind us by default and this will take us with a sign on the map to a wholesale drug seller, who will buy a large bag with all its drug contents.

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