SOS Message System

This system will launch a pop-up notification to choose whether to send an SOS message or not, you can enable or disable at will.

Smartphone PRO includes a very useful SOS system that you can use in multiple ways, this will pick up your phone in cases of extreme damage or manual use and will allow you to slide a message to call the ambulance or the job that you configure in the asset configuration .

Can I disable this SOS system?

Yes, you can disable said system using false in Config.SOS Message.

Can I manipulate the life with which this message will come out?

Of course, you can edit the life percentage in Config.SOSHealth.

I see a power off button, why doesn't the phone turn off?

The phone does not turn off because it is not a feature that is yet ready, it is designed for future extra functions that we will add over time.

Manual SOS system

The manual system is as simple as holding down the right button of the phone on the frame, the button with which we close the phone. By holding it there, the SOS screen will open, simply slide the red slider and it will call the ambulance.

Automatic SOS system

You can disable the system using Config.SOS Message in false.

This system is completely automatic and when your life drops drastically to the configured number, this message will appear on your screen automatically to ask for help from an ambulance.

Configure said system as you wish.

-- SOS message when life is under Config.SOSHealth
Config.SOSMessage = true
Config.SOSJob = 'ambulance'
Config.SOSHealth = 25

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