Repair Weapon System

In Quasar Inventory, weapons have a limited durability, which can be repaired at will with the repair stations that we will find around the map. This system is very simple to set up and you can add as many as you want.

Can I disable the repair system?

There is no setting about disabling such a system, but you can empty Config.WeaponRepairPoints as {} and there will be no repair point.

My weapons are not repaired or are not returned after repairing them

There is no error similar to this in the default version, therefore some modification of your server or inventory has broken this system. We recommend a completely clean installation of Quasar Inventory and testing everything completely before starting to edit the internal files to avoid these types of problems in the future.

General use of Repair Weapon

You can find all the configurables in config/weapons.lua, edit everything as you wish without breaking any events, syntax or files, since the system is somewhat fragile.

With respect to the previous system, if weapons are likely to break, we also need to repair them, so the inventory also offers this option. You can place repair points of your choice all over the map if you wish to do so.

Config.WeaponRepairPoints = {
    [1] = {
        coords = vector3(964.02, -1267.41, 34.97),
        IsRepairing = false,
        RepairingData = {},

Now that we have repair points, we have to have prices for repairing the weapons, where we can see the weapons divided by category, you can configure the price of repairing the weapons by category and configure the price to your needs.

Config.WeaponRepairCosts = {
    ['pistol'] = 1000,
    ['smg'] = 3000,
    ['mg'] = 4000,
    ['rifle'] = 5000,
    ['sniper'] = 7000,
    ['shotgun'] = 6000

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