General information before installation

Quasar Multicharacter is the 2024 version of the legendary and old Quasar Multicharacter that was launched in 2020 and was removed, until now. This beautiful asset is back completely remastered, with a completely new and unique interface, camera games and complete customization at the QUASAR level.

Are you ready to take your server to the next level?

This multicharacter system will allow you to spawn with animations, cinematics and even with an expansion area using unique sounds. We recommend you watch the video completely to admire the details of the gameplay as a player.

Create, edit and delete your characters!

Add experience to your server by allowing you to create, edit or delete characters as you wish, this brutal experience comes accompanied by an optional completely unique, minimalist and detailed character creator where you can edit even the width of your nose, epic, right?

Custom spawn system!

This system includes a spawn selector integrated within the Multicharacter, this is completely optional and editable, but I assure you that it will be the best you have seen.

A true Multicharacters system!

Our system is the most complete on the market and has been approved by great servers. Since it has an intro before the system, customization of your logo and server name, unique and original QUASAR sounds, customizable camera and slot system, an optional but completely epic character creator and a modern and optional spawn selector, at the same time spawning will also have an amazing shock wave that will give an experience of another universe to the players, there is nothing better than Quasar Multicharacter.

Remember that most common errors and problems can be found in the Common Problems section located in the same Inventory section.

Most errors can occur due to a bad update (poor patch) or an error generated by the same buyer through code editing, always try to use the default resource if you get errors not found within this section.

Common questions about the asset

This script replaces the multichar of esx or qbcore?

Yes, this asset replaces any multicharacter you use on your server, even the official ones.

Does this system come with char creator and spawn selector?

This system comes with a character creator and a spawn selector that are completely optional, you can both enable and disable them from the same config.

Is the use of char creator and spawn selector mandatory?

You can disable either of these two features and use your native ones freely.

Can I disable sounds and music?

Of course, you can configure everything.

Is it possible to change the number of createable characters?

Yes, you can edit both the positions, cameras and number of createable characters.

The default spawn selector from qbcore is compatible with qb-apartments?

Yes, it is completely compatible with qb-apartments automatically.

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