Stash System

If your inventory is not among the configured inventories, you can create a new one, look at the documentation to understand how to do such a thing. If you don't have programming experience, contact the creator of your inventory system.

Quasar Housing integrates a very advanced stash system, which allows you to use stashes per piece of furniture or a positionable stash from the same housing menu. To configure such a feature, follow this documentation to fully understand said system and not have problems in the process.

I can't open my stash

This is due to some problem with the client/custom/inventory/*.lua file or your inventory, since as you can see throughout this guide, the only thing in common is one or two stash events and this cannot break your inventory.

How do I change the default weight or slots of a home or furnitures?

You can edit such details in the shell list of config.lua or in the furniture list in furniture.lua inside the shared folder.

Default compatible inventories

If your inventory is not listed here, see the last part of this document where we explain how to add another inventory system. Remember that if you do not have programming experience, you will need to contact the creator of your inventory.

Some inventories do not have a stash system per furniture, keep this in mind. If this is the case, you can create a stash per home using the command or the internal menu.

In this section we will give you the list of inventories compatible with this Housing system. If yours is not found here, you can use the last section of this document. Note that many inventories are based on qb-inventory, if this is your case, you can use the qb-inventory option.

Basic Stashes Configuration

Since version 3.0, furniture now also has unique and editable stashes.

You can edit such details in the shell list of config.lua or in the furniture list in furniture.lua inside the shared folder.

How to add another Inventory system?

This step is completely up to your developer or inventory creator.

You can modify client/custom/inventory/*.lua to adapt it to another new system. For this we will create a new file called inventoryName.lua, in line 1 we will add the name of the inventory that will be used as the option within Config.Inventory and then we will configure the inventory within the folder as we like, we can use the following example as guide.

Once the appropriate modifications have been made, we can use it as an option in config.lua.

if Config.Inventory ~= 'qs-inventory' then

function openStash(customData, uniq)
    local data = customData or Config.DefaultStashData
    local house = CurrentHouse or closesthouse
    local houseData = Config.Houses[CurrentHouse]
    if not customData then
        if houseData.ipl then
            data = houseData.ipl.stash or data
            local shellData = Config.Shells[houseData.tier]
            if shellData then
                data = shellData.stash or data
    uniq = uniq or house
    TriggerServerEvent('inventory:server:OpenInventory', 'stash', uniq, data)
    TriggerEvent('inventory:client:SetCurrentStash', uniq)

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