Weapon Tint System

We do not recommend using modifications to weapon dyes, because Quasar Inventory comes with all GTA V weapons and dyes pre-installed, you will not need anything else unless you want to add some custom weapons, attachments or dyes. In this case follow the guide in Attachmentsa System within this same documentation.

Are the tints visible to all players?

Of course yes, both the inks and the accessories are visible between players, except for the URL ink which, due to the weapons' identifier, will only be local and the player will be able to see them.

Why is the URL tint not visible to other players?

URL inks, as mentioned below, are not visible between players unlike all other attachments and inks.

I cannot apply bullets or weapons to my weapon

If you run the inventory completely by default, this problem will not occur, therefore what happens to you is a modification or a break in your items or weapons. We recommend that you always use the default items and weapons and only add more, never replace or delete if you are not a programmer with advanced knowledge.

Example from weapon tint configuration

The inventory also provides you with certain weapon tints defaults by item, so you can find these options in the Config.Tints section, if you know what you are doing it is a good option to implement more tints, again if you don't know what you are doing and have no knowledge in these topics, avoid editing.

Config.Tints = {
    ['black_weapontint'] = {
        component = 'black_weapontint',
        label = 'Black Tint',
        item = 'black_weapontint',
        tint = 0,

Weapon tint system by URL

This item cannot be added from the conventional attachments menu, it must be added by using the item from your inventory and removing it from your attachments menu.

Quasar Inventory allows you to add a tint via URL using images from the internet or even gifs to your weapons. This system is client only, therefore it will not be shared with other players, this system is exclusive for visual use on the client side, both for streamers, trailers or personal and exclusive/vip gameplay.

Basic use of Weapon Tint URL

To use this system we depend on the weapons that you add in config/weapons.lua. We will use the url_weapontint item and run it on the weapons added within Config.WeaponTints.

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