How is it used?

Quasar Backrooms is a horror asset that will surprise your players by sending them directly to the Backrooms with a dangerous entity that will chase the player to death. He can escape from the Backrooms or die inside and his body will automatically be sent to the last place where he died, whether he escapes or dies.

Automatic fall in Backrooms

This event will be activated automatically with a certain chance at the time of death, we can use the configuration to edit said system and its chances of falling in the following configurable.

Config.BackroomsToDead = { -- When you die, you will have chances to go to backrooms
    enable = true, -- Enable/Disable backrooms on death
    chance = 10, -- Chance to go to backrooms on death

Fall in Backrooms manually

As administrators, we can use the /sendbackrooms id command to send a player to the Backrooms manually. This will be teleported automatically without prior notice.

/sendbackrooms id

Command to train the player to go to backrooms.

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