Impound System

Quasar Advanced Garages allows the use of Impound via command or exports to send cars to impounds with police systems. Learn how to use them here.

My vehicle will not impound after using the specified command

This is because the vehicle was never stored in a garage and persistence does not exist. For this we are going to go to the vehicle persistence documentation and add the export of setVehicleToPersistent() in your vehicleshop or vehicle spawn asset.

Impound using commands

You can configure the appropriate jobs for this role in Config.AllowedJobs.

The police will be able to make use of the impound command, which will allow the police to access a NUI that will give them the necessary information and will allow them to send a car to an impound, in this way they can choose where to send it, for how long, if necessary waiting time or even the price to pay as a fine.

CommandCommand explanation


Command to send cars to an impound, have the specific job.

Impound via internal code

Please run this with basic programming knowledge or contact a trusted developer.

We recommend using server-side export to choose a specific plate. The client side export will take the closest vehicle.

Just as we can use the command, we can add this through exports within the internal code of third-party assets using the following examples.

Basic use of client-side export

We can run the following export to impound a nearby vehicle from the client side.

-- Impounds the nearest vehicle from client-side
Basic use of server-side export (more advanced)

We can run the following export to impound a specific vehicle from the server side.

-- We specify the vehicle plate to execute the impound

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