Peds Configuration

Quasar Backrooms allows you to add different Peds entities to give a fresh touch during casual use of this asset, you can manipulate this system completely or add new ones.

When I go to Backrooms no request appears

Before going to Backrooms you must start the models package that is included in the asset download. To go to Backrooms you cannot go through a simple teleport, you must use the specific command or die in the game with a certain chance of falling.

You can see the previous document on how to use the asset to understand.

Basic Peds configuration

Here you have the peds section, this section contains the peds provided in the download file together with the script, here you have the respawn distance of the ped on the player, in addition to the damage per second. These values are modifiable but be careful if you don't know what you are doing.

Config.Ped = {
    models = { -- NPC models that spawn in backrooms
    spawn = vec4(1787.62, -284.21, 20.86, 339.31), -- Ignore
    respawnDistance = 8.5, -- Distance to respawn if you move away from it
    damageDistance = 3.5 -- Distance to take damage per second

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