Plants System

This feature is not mandatory and is completely optional, but its use is recommended even if you do not want to use the items.

Quasar Housing integrates a new included asset called qs-weed, which allows you to create marijuana plantations within your own home.

Can I change the name of the plants or add more?

No, you cannot rename or add more plants since the system is fragile and has a lot of internal code that you cannot see or edit.

Basic use of plants

You can use the different seed items to plant drugs inside your own house, if the house does not belong to you or you are not in a house, you will not be able to achieve this.

The police also play an important role here, since they can burn other players' plants.

Plantations in external areas

Thanks to the new 3.0 update, we can create areas where plantations can be carried out without having to be in a home. To do this we can add, edit or use as an example the following configuration within the qs-weed asset.

Config.WeedArea = { -- You can create random areas
        id = 'weed-area-01',
        minZ = 1,
        maxZ = 800,
        points = {
            vec3(3140.91, 4104.55, 77.57),
            vec3(2092.42, 1953.03, 77.57),
            vec3(3122.73, 1595.45, 77.57),
            vec3(3728.79, 3989.39, 77.57)
    -- Other areas here!

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