Unique Phones

This system depends on an inventory with metadata support, not all inventory supports this feature, if you do not have one from the list in this document, contact the creator of your inventory to adapt it with the Smartphone PRO open codes.

Quasar Smartphone PRO is a completely unique and exclusive edition that will allow you to enjoy unique phones, each player can have different phones in their inventory and can share it along with all their information to other players.

This feature requires some somewhat simple but mandatory dependencies.

Can I disable this system completely?

Of course, you can disable this option by editing Config.Unique Phone.

My inventory is not on the compatible list

If this is the case, perhaps your inventory does not have an item system with metadata, which will not allow you to use this function. In this case the asset will automatically detect this and will not give you this feature.

There may also be the possibility that we do not know your inventory system, you should notify the creator and send him the files that you will find on the client and server for editing inventories and metadata, since they are completely open code and you could edit them without problems.

Can I lose access to my social networks?

You can always use the recover password button, but you can lose access to a social network if someone gets your password or if your unsecured phone is stolen and accesses said application.

If my phone is stolen, will I lose all the information?

Not so quickly cowboy, in the following document you will learn the use of Phone Backups, this way you can always have a backup of your phone.

Yes, you will lose the information but you can use security systems such as FaceID or strong passwords.

Enable or disable this system

To begin, we are going to clarify that if you use one of the listed inventories, this system will be completely automatic and will start without you configuring it.

The list of compatible inventories is as follows.

If you want to disable it, we will edit the content of Config.UniquePhone to false, this configuration is found as follows in config.lua.

Config.UniquePhone = qsInvHas or qbInvHas or oxInvHas -- You can set a bool here (true/false)

Which we will simply change to Config.UniquePhone = false in case we want to disable it. If you do not use any of these inventories, it will automatically go false.

Edit or add other systems

If you are going to add another inventory, we recommend that you have general programming knowledge or contact the developer of your inventory.

We can add our own system very easily, we only need to completely know our inventory to adapt it using the files that we will find within smartphone/server/custom/inventory/*, there we will find all the inventories compatible with your events, which are editable.

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