List of useful commands for the basic functions of your server using our asset, you can execute them using ExecuteCommand or read them informatively.


/sendmail title description

Administrative command to send emails to all players.

/sendbill id price reason

Police command to send a billing to a certain player.


Open or close the phone.


Delete your entire alarm list completely.


You can check your type of telephone balance.


Remove the prop from your hand.


Reset the position of the phone if you have moved it around your screen.


Delete all phone cache data from the entire server.

/deleteUserPhone id

Delete all cache data from a specific player's phones.

/setcryptoworth crypto value

Administrative command that changes the value of the cryptocurrency.


Check the global price of the cryptocurrency.


Command that will tell you your total cryptocurrency in your wallet.

/giveinstaverify username

Verify a specific Instagram account.

/givetwitterverify username

Verify a specific Twitter account.

/deletemarket id

Delete or reset a market, useful when making changes to the Markets table.

/chargePhone id

Administrative command to recharge the phone of a specific player.


Send an SOS message to the server's ambulance.

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