Decorate & Furnitures

In this section we will explain everything about the decorative menu. Please read completely and if you don't understand something, contact your trusted developer to resolve your issue.

Housing includes a great decorative system inspired by The Sims 4, this is very configurable and here we will see multiple ways to use it, configure it and some details during the decoration feature.

Other menus open during decoration

You can block the other menus in the decorative system using the exports that will be shown below this document, right at the end.

The decoration disappears after placing it

Most likely, you are using an old version or a mix of versions. Update the system completely, both the qs-housing folder and your sql.

How to add more furniture

Quasar Housing provides you with a file called furniture.lua where all the props are added by default. You can use all the examples included there or the guides included commented in the first line of the file to add or edit all the props that you want. you want, both from the game and personalized.

Lock menus in decorate

Ask your trusted developer for help if you don't feel able to make such modification.

Because in the middle of the decoration menu, some of the basic menus of your server were opened, we decided to add an optional export that you can add in your menu so that they do not open in the decoration menu.

To better understand this export, we must think that the exports['qs-housing']:inDecorate() refers to being in the decoration menu, so we will simply apply this check with a not exports['qs-housing']:inDecorate().

if Config.MenuKeybindEnabled then 
    if IsControlPressed(0, Config.MenuKeybind) and not exports['qs-housing']:inDecorate() then 

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