Body Cam System

Quasar Dispatch & MDT includes a super advanced body cam that you will learn how to run in this document, pay attention to all the parameters that we will mention.

Body Cam zone configuration

Body Cam Zones are zones in which you can watch the live transmission of the Body Cam of other players. An example configuration for Body Cam Zones is shown here.

Config.DispatchBodyCamZones = {
    enabled = true,
    zones = {
        [1] = {
            label = "Zone 1",
            coords = vector3(443.4022, -982.2336, 30.6892),
            width = 30,


You can customize the configuration of the Body Cam Zones according to your needs and add or remove zones as required.

The Body Cam Zones configuration has the following parameters.

  • enabled (boolean): Activates or deactivates the Body Cam Zones.

  • zones (table): List of configured zones. Each zone has the following parameters:

    • label (string): Title of the area.

    • coords (vector3): Coordinates of the area.

    • width (number): Zone width (radius).

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